Growing French Fries

We all know french fries are golden, crispy, and delicious. But before you eat them at the drive-in, a baseball game, or the county fair, have you ever wondered where this plate of scrumptious fries starts?
Do they grow on a bush or in a tree?
What if fries are really something else in disguise?
Discover where this tasty treat sprouts and who works hard so you can enjoy them!

About the Author
K Clemens Costa was born in Dubuque, Iowa. Growing up on a cattle and crop farm meant early mornings, hard work, big gardens, and fresh, homegrown food. Farm life instilled an appreciation of Mother Nature, our natural resources, and what can come from the soil, if nurtured.

Karin married into the Costa farm family in 1991. Karin and Ron currently own and operate Costa Produce Farm.