Greenhouse Opens April 22nd, 9am! Annuals are the color and inspiration behind every great garden, hanging basket and planter.  Easy to grow and so many varieties available at Costa Produce Farm & Greenhouse! We grow eight greenhouses full of annuals from Alyssum to Zinnias as well as a huge selection of herbs and vegetable plants.
Enjoy the beauty only flowers can bring all summer long.

Sue from Forest Lake says....

"If you’re looking for quality bedding and container plants look no further! Healthy and a great selection. The staff can help you choose the right plants for your location. Then make sure you stop in this summer for the fresh produce grown on site. My “go to” for flowers every year."

Proper sunlight, food and pinching (or pruning) are necessary for optimum plant health, please refer to our plant care page for more info.

SpeciesVarietyNoteAttracts ButterfliesAttracts HummingbirdsNew
AllysumWonderland Deep PurpleAbundance of bloomsyesyes
AllysumWonderland WhiteHoney Sweet Fragranceyesyes
*AngeloniaAlonia Big IndigoSummer snapdragon, cottage garden flower, 18-24inch tallyesyes
*AngeloniaAlonia Aria Alta PinkHeat loving, Large, Pink spikes and shiny green foliage 12-16 inch heightyesyes
*Argyranthemum DaisySunny Spring Yellow Ht 20-24 inches Yellow with gold centeryesyes
*Argyranthemum DaisyEverest WhiteWhite Daisyyesyes
BacopaWhiteBright white, flowering trailing plantyes
BacopaBlueSoft purple, flowering trailing plantyes
BegoniaBronze Leaf Big Rose20 inches tall with succulent like leaves, very hardy yesyes
*BegoniaAngels Soft OrangeCreamy soft pink shades, blooms all summer, Baskets Onlyyesyes
*BegoniaEncanto OrangeDeep pink flowers, heavy bloomer
Baskets only
BegoniaMegawatt Bronze Leaf Pink
Megawatt Rose
18 in tall, very pretty pink blooms held above the bronze foliage by sturdy stemsyes
BegoniaDragon Wing Red
Dragon Wing White
Extremely large leaves, easy to grow!yes
BegoniaBaby Wing Red Bronze12-15" tall Upright and moundingyes
BegoniaGroovy White
Groovy Rose
Groovy Orange
Groovy Red
Compact, semi trailing
In Baskets
BegoniaBada Boom
Wax Begonia Very Hardy,
White, Mix, Rose
BegoniaBada BingScarletyes
BegoniaSprint Plus
Wax Begonia White, Red, Mixyes
BegoniaStonehedgeRed, Light Pink, Rose
Bronze Leaf
*BegoniaReigor BaladinRich red, frilly flowersyesyes
*BegoniaReigor BlitzElegant double lemon-yellow flowers. It will thrive in shade to part sun in moist soils.yesyes
*BegoniaReigor CarnevalElegant double deep orange flowers that lighten to yellow-orange in the center. It will thrive in shade to part sun in moist soils.yesyes
*BegoniaReigor Frilly rosey pink bloomsyesyes
*Bidens Spicy Electric White Large flowers have a perfect circle eye of electric yellow with white tips, 12-14 inch heightyesyes
*BidensGolden Empire Cheerful, upright, golden yellow flowers
CalibrachoaMillion Bells
Please visit the greenhouse for color selection
Abundance of color, cascading habityesyes
CannaBronze PeachTropicalyes
CannaBronze Red Golden FlameGreat tropical focal point!yes
CannaRose w/dark BudTropical plant, blooms all summeryes
CannaRoseSunny yellow with huge green leavesyes
CannaTropical Yellow
CelosiaPlumosa Fresh Look Yellow, Fresh Look Red, New Look & Flamma MixBright golden, orange or red plumes, great for mass planting.
Celosia Dragon's BreathShowy red plumes, 16 inch tall with dark leaves
*CleomeClio Pink Lady Bushy, upright habit w/pinkish purple bloomsyesyes
ColeusFairway Formula Mix Great accent plant in 4 packsyesyes
ColeusWizard Mix
Wizard Rose
Great accent plant in 4 packsyesyes
*ColeusTrailing habit, well behaved vigor, colors of burgundy, pink, green
*ColeusMainstreet La RamblaGreen leaves with dark maroon veining and bright red flashes.yesyes
*ColeusMainstreet Ocean DriveTones of burgundy, red and pink, leaves are tipped with yellowyesyes
*ColeusMainstreet River Walkyesyesyes
*ColeusMainstreet Rodeo Drive Russet centers, and dark veined chartreuse edgesyesyes
*ColeusStained Glassworks RoyaltyDeep maroon, serrated leaves with hot pink centeryesyes
*ColeusLime Green leaf with red edges. Height 12-36"yesyesyes
CosmoApollo MixA mix of blush pink, purple and white. 18-26" tall
*Cyperus CleopatraGrass like foliage plant with umbels that resemble green starbursts
*Dahlia Gorgeous Redyesyesyes
*DahliaStriking! Nearly black foliage makes the bright flowers pop!yesYesyes
*DahliaRose and yellowyesyes
*Dahlia Rose and yellow yesyes
*Dahlia Sunny yellow yesyesYes
DahliaFigaro MixShades of yellow, orange, violet, red and whiteyesyes
*DahliaRed Bicolor, Huge flowers yesyes
*DahliaYellow flower, dark foliageyesyesyes
*Dahlia Yellow and red flowersyesyes
*Dahlia Pink and white floweryesyes
*Dahlia Pink with golden peach highlightsyesyes
*DahliaOrange yellow bloomsyesyes
*DahliaWine red coloryesyes
DorotheanthusMezoo Trailing RedSucculent foliage w/rose-red flowers
*DurantaGold EdgeShiny, Green and yellow foliage, trailing
Dusty MillerSilver Dustaccent foliage
Eucalyptus Baby Blue BouquetWaxy, silver leaves on sturdy plants. Great to dry or add to fresh bouquets
*EupatoriumElegant FeathersStunning 3-6' tall, stiff stems clad with feathery, finely-dissected leaves Graceful foliage for woodlands and backdrops.
*EuphorbiaHip HopNon-stop airy white bloomsyesyes
*FuschiaWhite, Purple, Lavendar
in hanging baskets
Great for shady areasyesyes
*FuschiaGartenmeisterTall plant for shady areas, adds old fashioned charm to the gardenyesyes
*GauraBelleza Dark Pinkyesyes
*GeraniumAmericana Dark RedUpright yesyes
*GeraniumCalliope Dark Red
Upright with semi-trailing habit Baskets and Tubs Onlyyes
*GeraniumCalliope Rose Mega SplashUpright with semi-trailing habit Baskets and Tubs Onlyyesyes
*Geranium Mojo Dark Pink Uprightyesyes
*Geranium Mojo Dark Red Uprightyes
*Geranium Moxie Dark RedUprightyes
*GeraniumRocky Mountain Dark RedUpright yes
*GeraniumRocky Mountain OrangeUprightyes
*GeraniumRocky Mountain SalmonUprightyes
*GeraniumRocky Mountain VioletUprightyes
*Geranium, IvyIvy League
Light Lavendar
Makes a hardy hanging basketyes
Gerbera DaisyBengal Mix
Jaguar Mix
Mega Revolution Mix
Great cut flower! Mix of colors- Red, Yellow, Orange, Pinkyesyes
Gerbera DaisyStrawberry TwistYellow and pink blooms and strong stems make these winners.yesyes
GomphrenaFireworksVibrant purple flowers, heat and drought tolerantyes
*HeliotropeHinto AmethystClusters of fragrant, amethyst-purple flowers
HerbsCilantroGreat for Salsa!yes
HerbsChivesGrow your own herbs!yes
HerbsDillGreat for pickling cucumbers yes
HerbsMint Spearmint MojitoMany uses; in drinks or make a sauce for meatsyes
HerbsOregano Regular Grow your own herbs!yes
HerbsParsley CurlyEasy to growyes
HerbsSweet BasilGood for all Italian recipesyes
HerbsRosemaryPotatoes, Lamb & Chicken
HerbsSage Regular
Sage Purple
Put on Pork roasts or loins
HerbsThyme EnglishPlant herbs in full to part sun
HerbsTarragon FrenchWonderful on potatoes, chicken and eggs
Hypoestes Confetti RosePolka dot plant
ImpatienImara and Beacon varietiesMildew resistant***
in 4 Packs
Impatien in BasketsImara & Beacon varietiesMix of colors
*ImpatienMagnum BlueNew Guinea Very large bloomsyesyes
*ImpatienMagnum Clear PinkNew Guinea Very large bloomsyesyes
*ImpatienMagnum Light LavenderNew Guinea Vigorous plantyesyes
*ImpatienMagnum WhiteNew Guinea yesyes
*ImpatienMagnum Wild SalmonNew Guineayesyes
*ImpatienDouble Silhouette AppleblossumDouble Impatien Continuous bloomeryesyesyes
*Ivy VineHedera Gold ChildEasy care, trailing vine
*LamiumWhite NancyPerennial that works well in patio pots in deep shade or shade
*LantanaGem Series -- Citrine, Diva Pink, Gold, RubyHummingbird favoriteyesyesyes
*LobeliaPalace MixCompact, ball shaped habit, prefers morning sunyes
*LophospermumLofos Compact RoseIn Baskets Only
Gorgeous wine red trumpet shaped blooms
*LysimachiaFancifillers SunburstTrails straight down, A very vigorous lysimachia with large, dark green leaves marked with red veins and stems.
*LysimachiaGoldiChains of trailing, bright yellow round foliage
*Lysimachia Variegated LemonLeaves have a golden chartreuse color with medium-green center variegation
MarigoldInca Yellow
Inca Deep Orange
3 inch blooms on sturdy plants 12" ht
MarigoldFrench Anemone Safari Series -Mix, Yellow, and TangerineGreat garden performer! yes
MarigoldBonanza Flame and Bonanza Mix Large flowers, uniformity and superior performanceyes
*Marigold Strawberry Blonde
*MuehlenbeckiaWire VineTwining mat of glossy tiny green rounded leaves on wiry stems
Oregano OrnamentalKirigamilarge purple-green bracts, rose flowers and clear, light green foliage, with a delicious fragrance to attract pollinatorsyesyesYes
*Ornamental GrassPurple Fountain Grass3-4' tall Great for large pots, Purple hue
*Ornamental GrassJuncus TwisterResembles giant corkscrews, deer resistant, can be used in wet areas.
*Ornamental GrassJuncus Twisted ArrowsA mix of straight Blue Arrows and curly blue-green Spiralis Juncus
*OsteospermumFull to part sun, Glamorous coloring; purple, pink, orangeyesyesyes
*OsteospermumButter yellow African daisy, flower does not close. yesyesyes
PansyColossus Formula Mix Large blooms!yesyes
PansyDelta Lavender Blue Shades
PansyDelta Clear Colors Mix Large flowers, great garden performance, very clean white.yesyes
PansyFrizzle Sizzle MixFrilly edged mix of colorsyesyes
PansyMajestic Giant Blotch Mix Multi mix of colorsyesyes
PassifloraAphrodites Purple NightieTRELLIS ONLY
Huge, eye catching blooms, climbing habit
PepperSweet Bananasweet peppers
PepperGreen Bell, California Wonder, Red Knight, Better BelleColored bell peppers
PepperHot Banana, Jalapeno, Serrano, long slim Cayenne, Habanero, PoblanoHot peppers
*PetuniaCapella Hello YellowA bright, solid yellow
Semi-trailing habit
PetuniaEvening Scentsation Blueyesyesyes
*PetuniaSplash Dance Bolero BlueUnique speckled pattern blue and whiteyesyes
*Petunia in Baskets or containersPotunia Purple, Potunia Neon, Potunia Cappuccino, Itsy Whiteyesyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams Burgundy4 pack itemyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDream Mix Red, white, purple, pink and coral mix
4 pack item
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams White4 pack itemyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraPrism Sunshine4 Pack sunny yellowyesyes
Petunia WaveEasy Wave varieties
Blue, Cosmo Pink, Red,
White, Violet
*PhloxGisele RedMounded habit, heat tolerantyesyesyes
*Portulaca24/7 Orange
24/7 Yellow
Orange and yellow double flower, no dead heading, full sun, easy to growyesyesyes
*PortulacaTwist Series
Pink and yellow blooms. Easy to grow, Full sun, no dead heading, semi trailing habityesyesyes
*RudbeckiaSunspot Gold
Sunspot Yellow Bicolor
Produces an abundance of massive, yellow/orange bicolored blossoms all season long.yesyes
*SalviaBodacious Smokey Jazz Bosenberry blooms with black calyxyesyes
SalviaHot LipsUnusual two toned flowers in Red and white!yesyesyes
*SalviaIcon Violet
Rich color with upright bloomsyesyes
SalviaVictoria BlueBlooms all summer, easy to grow, true blueyesyes
SalviaVista PurpleIntense purple, 10-12" tall yesyes
SalviaMojave RedShowy red all summeryesyes
*ScaveolaSurdiva varieties;
Blue Violet
Fashion Pink
Lilac Mist
Fan shaped flower, heat lovingyes
*ScaveolaIndigo TouchFan Shaped floweryes
*SedumLemon BouquetSucculent, needle-shaped leaves
*Senecio Winter Whispers Upright, Silver foliage plantyes
*SetcreaseaPurple VariegatedTropical heat loving, vining plant
SnapdragonRocket Mix30-36 in tall
Great in cut flower bouquets
*SpikesTraditionalAccent plant
*StrawberryEasy to grow and delicious
zone 3-8
*SucculentsAssortedEasy to grow, they love heat!
*SucculentsCombo Pots10" decorative pot assorted succulents
*SunflowersSunfinityLarge plant and 4 inch flowers
endless blooms all summer
*SunpatiensCompact Series; Deep Rose, Purple Candy, Purple, Red, Rosy Glow, Tropical Rose, WhiteSpreading, Sun or Shade- Excellent Performeryesyes
*Sweet Potato VineBlackieCompact habit, nice accent with black color
*Sweet Potato VineBright Ideas LimeCompact habit, chartreuse,fan shape
*Sweet Potato VineMargueriteVigorous habit, chartreuse color
*ThunbergiaLemon, Pink, Towerpower Yellow, Towerpower WhiteBaskets and Trellis Only Black Eyed Susan Vine--annualyesyes
TomatoBetter Boy, Big Beef, Early Girl, Celebrity, Beefmaster, Big Boy,Superfantastic and PatioGreat performers
TomatoRoma, Large Cherry, Sunsugar, Supersweet 100Small varieties but so flavorful
TomatoBrandywine Red,
Mortgage Lifter, Lemon Boy, Yellow Pear
Heirloom varieties Excellent Flavor
*ToreniaBlue Moon
Purple Moon
Bright purple flowers, trailing habit, Shadeyesyes
*Vegetable PlantsLettuce, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Beans, Eggplant, Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Pak Choi, Celery
*VerbenaVenessa Varieties;
Bordeaux, Neon Pink, Red, Violet
Semi upright habit 4-6″ tall -spread to 12″ wide.yesyes
*VerbenaMany colors- please visit greenhouse trailing plant, sun to part sunyesyes
*Vinca VineExpofloraVining habit, accent plant
*Vinca VineMaculataVining habit, accent plant
*ZinniaProfusion Double YellowDouble petalled blooms yesyes
*ZinniaProfusion Red Yellow BicolorStunner!yesyes