Bedding Plants

Baskets, Planters, Specialty Pots

Annuals are the color and inspiration behind every great garden, hanging basket and planter.  Easy to grow and so many varieties available at Costa Produce Farm & Greenhouse! We grow eight greenhouses full of annuals from Alyssum to Zinnias as well as a huge selection of herbs and vegetable plants.
Enjoy the beauty only flowers can bring all summer long.

We care about our pollinators! And house tens of thousands of them on our farm.

Thank you for being honey bee conscientious!Cara Mahtomedi, MN

Proper sunlight, food and pinching (or pruning) are necessary for optimum plant health, please refer to our plant care page for more info.


SpeciesVarietyNoteAttracts ButterfliesAttracts HummingbirdsNew
Ageratum*Aloha Bluelt blue/purple masses of blooms.yes
Allysum*Wonderland Deep PurpleAbundance of bloomsyesyes
Allysum*Wonderland WhiteHoney Sweet Fragranceyesyes
AlocasiaRegal ShieldsElephant Earyes
Alternanthera*Coco ChiliDark burgundy (nearly black)foliage plant with compact, spreading growth.
Angelonia*Alonia Big BlueSummer snapdragon, cottage garden flower, 18-24inch tallyes
Angelonia*Alonia Big Snow BallBeautiful clean white, can tolerate full sun, 18-24inches tall, summer snapdragonyes
Argyranthemum Daisy*EverestWhite Daisyyesyesyes
Argyranthemum Daisy*LollyMarzipam Pink bloomsyesyesyes
Begonia*Bronze Leaf Big Rose20 inches tall with succulent like leaves, very hardy yesyes
Begonia*Green Leaf Big Rose20 inches tall with succulent like leaves, very hardy yesyes
Begonia*Green Leaf Big White20 inches tall with succulent like leaves, very hardy yesyes
Begonia* Green Leaf Whopper RedHuge clusters of big 3" blooms. This is a beast of a plant.yesyesyes
Begonia*I'Conia Miss MalibuVigorous, semi trailing flowers of cream/hot pinkyes
Begonia*I'Conia Miss MontrealVigorous, semi-trailing coral flowers yes
Begonia*Funky PinkWing shaped foliage
Dangling Pink blooms all summer
In baskets only
Begonia*Groovy Variety
Compact, semi trailing
Begonia* Waterfall Encanto OrangeOrange bell shaped flowers
Full Sun to Partial Shade
Bidens*Golden EmpireGolden daisy flowers
Upright 10"
Calibrachoa*Superbells Bluefrom Proven Winners baskets onlyyesyes
Calibrachoa*Superbells Coral SunIn BASKETS Only

from Proven Winners
Calibrachoa*Superbells Doublette Love SweptIN BASKETS Onlyryesyesyes
Calibrachoa*Minifamous Uno Double PinktasticIn BASKETS Only yesyesyes
Candlestick Vine*Traditionalvery vigorous vine
Celosia*Gekko GreenUnique bicolor burgundy green foliage. The flower is insignificant. yes
Cleome*Clio Pink Lady Bushy, upright habit w/pinkish purple bloomsyesyes
Coleus*Chocolate Covered CherryRose center surrounded by mahogany and edged with a thin green margin.yes
Coleus*Le FreakShade or Sun a bit more compact than others. Can be an indoor plant!
Great in combo planters
Coleus*Mainstreet Fifth AveRose colored centers with dark purple, almost black serrated leavesyesyes
Coleus*Wicked WitchBurgundy to chocolate color with ruffled edge outlined in chartreuseyesyesyes
Cosmo*Apollo MixA mix of blush pink, purple and white. 18-26" tallyes
Dahlia*Hypnotica IcarusStriking! Yellow dipped in Orange/red bloomsyesYesyes
Dahlia*Figaro Mix5 colorsyesyes
Eupatorium*Elegant FeathersCan get 3-6' tall, stiff stems clad with feathery, finely-dissected leaves Graceful foliage for woodlands and backdrops.
Geranium*Americana CoralUpright Semi double coral pink blooms
Geranium*Americana Dark RedUpright
Geranium*Survivor FuchsiaUprightyes
Geranium, Ivy*Great Balls of Fire In baskets Only;
Makes a hardy hanging basketyes
Gerbera Daisy*Mega Revolution Selct MixGreat cut flower! Mix of colors- Red, Yellow, Orange, Pinkyesyes
Gerbera Daisy* Strawberry TwistYellow and pink blooms and strong stems make these winners.yesyes
Gomphrena*FireworksVibrant purple flowers, heat and drought tolerantyes
Herbs*Sweet BasilGood for all Italian recipesyes
Impatien in Baskets*Imara & Beacon varietiesMix of colors
Impatien*Magnum Bright PurpleNew Guinea Very large bloomsyesyes
Impatien*Magnum White BlushNew Guineayesyes
Impatien* Rockapulco Orange
Proven Winner
Double Impatien Continuous bloomeryesyesyes
Isotoma*Beth's BlueLovely shade of lavender, Star shaped flowers. Heat tolerantyes
Ivy Vine*Needlepoint perfectionPerfect for a clinging vine for a stone wall or use in baskets and pots. yes
Lantana*Havana Series -- Gold, Harvest Moon, Pink SkyHummingbird favoriteyesyesyes
Lantana*SamanthaYellow flowers on green and creamy vanilla colored foliageyesyes
Lysimachia*Fancifillers SunburstTrails straight down, A very vigorous lysimachia with large, dark green leaves marked with red veins and stems.
Marigold*FireballBlooms open red and change to rusty orange and finally to fiery bronze
Mecardonia*Magic Carpet YellowCountless, petite yellow blooms, easy plant
Musa*Dwarf CavendishBanana plant, full sun
Could possibly bear fruit
Ornamental Grass*Cyperus CleopatraCypress Umbrella grass, grows in sun or shade or wet areas 12-18"yes
Ornamental Grass*Cyperus Nile Princess2 ft tall Umbrella grassyes
Osteospermum* Zion Denim BlueStunning silvery blue blooms with dark centeryes
Pansy*Colossus Formula MixMulti mix of colorsyesyes
Pansy*Frizzle Sizzle MixFrilly edged mix of colorsyesyes
Pansy*Majestic Giant Blotch Mix Multi mix of colorsyesyes
Passiflora* Caerulea Blue BahamaTRELLIS ONLY
4-5" wide flowers with white petals and sepals are topped by a crown of white filaments with a light purple halo surrounding the center
Pepper*Hot Banana, Jalapeno, Serrano, long slim Cayenne, HabaneroHot peppers
Petunia*Capella Ruby RedRed blooms
May be in Baskets or Garden To Go
Petunia*Durabloom Electric LilacBlue/purple blooms
May be in Baskets or Garden To Go
Petunia* Splash Dance Magenta MamboPurple with white speckled pattern flowers
May be in Garden To Go or Baskets
Petunia*PW Supertunia White White blooms with yellow/green veins
May be in baskets only
Petunia Wave* Easy Wave varieties
Pink Passion, Burgundy Velour, Berry Velour, Yellow, Blue, Violetyesyes
Plectranthus*GuacamoleGreat addition to shade pots. Mounding habit. Gold leaves with splotches of avocado green yes
Portulaca*Happy Hour Mix Moss rose in 4 packs, semi-double bloomsyesyes
Salvia*Skycraper OrangeHeight 14-28" Bright orange, vigorous, drought tolerantyesyesyes
Sedum*AtlantisLow growing sedum perfect for tucking into rock gardens or small plantersyes
Senecio*Angel WingsSilvery White rounded foliage with velvety soft texture. Eye Catching!yes
Senecio*Peregrinus String of DolphinsA trailing succulent that looks like dolphins are leaping off the plantyes
Senecio*Fish Hook PlantA trailing succulent that resemble fish hooks yes
Snapdragon*Rocket Mix30-36 in tall
Great in cut flower bouquets
Solanum*Aurea variegataYellow and green variegated potato vine, sometimes flowers in star shaped white blooms.
Sweet Potato Vine*Sidekick Lacey Limechartreuse/yellowyes
Torenia*Purple Moon
Purple Moon
Bright purple flowers, trailing habit, Shadeyesyes
Verbena*BonariensisWiry, upright plant with pinkish-purple blooms.yesyes
Verbena* Obsession mix 4 pack verbena, it is a more compact and upright varietyyesyes
Verbena*Superbena variety from Proven Winners
Coral Red, Plum Wine, Sparkling Amethyst, Whiteout
May only be available in basketsyesyes
Vinca*Tattoo Variety;
Heat loving plants with striking colors in this new tattoo varietyyes
Vinca Vine*ExpofloraVining habit, accent plant