Annuals are the color and inspiration behind every great garden, hanging basket and planter.  Easy to grow and so many varieties available at Costa Produce Farm & Greenhouse! We grow eight greenhouses full of annuals from Allysum to Zinnias as well as a huge selection of herbs and vegetable plants.
Enjoy the beauty only flowers can bring all summer long.

No Neonics are used on our Annuals, we care about our pollinators!

Thank you for being honey bee conscientious!Cara Mahtomedi, MN

Proper sunlight, food and pinching (or pruning) are necessary for optimum plant health, please refer to our plant care page for more info.


SpeciesVarietyNoteAttracts ButterfliesAttracts HummingbirdsNew
AllysumWonderland Deep PurpleAbundance of bloomsyesyes
AllysumWonderland WhiteHoney Sweet Fragranceyesyes
AllysumWonderland MixDainty and dense, flowers continuouslyyesyes
AlternantheraCoco ChiliDark burgundy (nearly black)foliage plant with compact, spreading growth.
Alternanthera Plum DandyDark Purple color adds richness to planters yes
AngeloniaAlonia Big BlueSummer snapdragon, cottage garden flower, 18-24inch tallyesyes
AngeloniaAlonia Big Snow BallBeautiful clean white, can tolerate full sun, 18-24inches tall, summer snapdragonyesyes
Argyranthemum DaisyBeauty YellowHt 20-24 inches Yellow with gold centeryesyes
Argyranthemum DaisyHoneybee White ButterflyMarguerite daisy, yellow center, vigorous
Use for cut flowers
BacopaScopia WhiteBright white, flowering trailing plantyes
BacopaScopia BlueSoft purple, flowering trailing plantyes
BegoniaBronze Leaf Big Rose
Bronze Leaf Big Red
20 inches tall with succulent-like bronze leaves, very showy and durableyes
BegoniaMegawatt Pink Bronze Leaf18 in tall, very pretty pink blooms held above the bronze foliage by sturdy stems
BegoniaSanta Cruz SunsetHeat tolerant, 5" scarlet blooms-Outstanding!yes
BegoniaDragon Wing RedExtremely large leaves, easy to grow!yes
BegoniaGryphonDramatic, marbled foliage
BegoniaIllumination (Cascading variety in baskets)Apricot Shades and Rose in Baskets onlyyes
BegoniaNonstop Mix (of Colors)Tuberous Large Bloomsyes
BegoniaGreen Leaf & Bronze Leaf Wax- Mix,
Rose, Scarlet, White, Red
Tuberous Very Hardyyes
BrowalliaEndless Illumination & Flirtation PWLavendar or White star shaped blooms all summeryesyes
CalendulaLady Godiva YellowEnglish marigold Height 10-16 inches Continuous rebloomeryesyesyes
CalibrachoaCalitastic Ice Blue Light blue with dark center, great performance and coloryesyes
CalibrachoaCalitastic IndigoPurple with yellow centeryesyes
CalibrachoaSuperbells Cherry RedDeep pink-red flowers from Proven Winnersyesyes
CalibrachoaSuperbells CoralinaPink, red, coral-red hues from Proven Winnersyesyes
CalibrachoaSuperbells Double ChiffonFully double soft, lemon yellow blooms
Proven Winner
CalibrachoaSuperbells DreamsicleYellow throated apricot-orange flowers
Proven Winners
CalibrachoaSuperbells Holy SmokesA deep velvet red with black centeryesyes
CalibrachoaSuperbells Lemon SliceYellow and white striped flowers Proven Winneryesyes
CalibrachoaMillion Bells Aloha & Hula SeriesAbundance of color, cascading habityesyes
CalibrachoaMillion Bells-- Volcano & Colibri SeriesGreat in Baskets, Window Boxes & Potsyesyes
CannaTropical Bronze ScarletGreat tropical focal point!yes
CannaYellowTropical plant, blooms all summeryes
CannaOrange ShadesBeautiful shade of orange with huge green leavesyes
CleomeClio Pink Lady Bushy, upright habit w/pinkish purple bloomsyesyes
ColeusElectric Slidecanary yellow background, shocking red veins and a ruffled emerald edgeyesyesYes
ColeusBlack DragonDeep purple maroon color, tooth edged foliageyesyes
ColeusFairway Formula Mix 8-10" height yesyes
ColeusFairway Rose8-10"height yesyes
ColeusFancy FeathersA mounding tuffet of narrow feather-like leaves of copper orangeyesyes
ColeusGiant Exhibition Mix A mix of 8 explosive colors with huge leaves for your shade gardenyesyes
ColeusWizard Select Mix A mix of Wizard Mosaic, Wizard Red Velvet and Wizard Scarletyesyes
ColeusMainstreet Chartres StreetLime green yesyesYes
ColeusMainstreet La RamblaGreen leaves with dark maroon veining and bright red flashes.yesyes
ColeusMainstreet Ocean DriveTones of burgundy, red and pink, leaves are tipped with yellowyesyesyes
ColeusMainstreet River WalkSerrated, pointy leaves, dark green with chartreuse veinsyesyes
ColeusMainstreet Ruby RoadBright scarlet, burgundy and kelly greenyesyes
ColeusMainstreet Rodeo Drive Russet centers, and dark veined chartreuse edgesyesyes
Coleus Peters WonderDeep violet, green and yellow toothed leaves.yesyes
ColeusSedona Sunset PWShades of Rose, pink, maroon, bronze, and orangeyesyes
Craspedia Golf BeautyRound, golden flower heads rise high above silver foliage
CupheaMexican HeatherCharming purple flowers, low maintenanceyesyes
DahliaDahlinova Hypnotica Red VelvetDeep green to purple foliage with bright red flowers Ht 12-24 inchyesyesyes
DahliaDahlinova Tropical BreezeYellow/Pink Bicolor bloomyesyesYes
DahliaFigaro Mix5 colorsyesyes
DahliaPainters Assorted SeriesUnique look of painters red spatters across the petalsyesyes
Dahlia XXLBaja SolOrange and yellow bicolor petals on enormous bloomsyesyesYes
Dahlia XXLMayoDouble creamy, white blooms yesyesyes
Dahlia XXLMeridaBright pink with an iridescent orange glowyesyes
Dahlia XXLTabascoReddish orange with yellow stripingyesyes
Dahlia XXLTaxcoBeautiful burgundy w/darker centeryesyes
Dahlia XXLVeracruzPink, lavender, white bicolor bloomyesyes
Dahlia Labella Maggiore Series Fire & Rose BicolorIntense color! Bicolor bloomsyesyesyes
DichondraSilver FallsPetite, trailing, easy to grow accent plant, silver to white leaves
DorotheanthusMezoo Trailing RedSucculent foliage w/rose-red flowers
Dusty MillerSilver DustSilver/gray accent/border plant
EuphorbiaDiamond DelightContinuous bloomer, no deadheadingyesyesyes
EuphorbiaDiamond FrostNon-stop airy white bloomsyesyes
EucalyptusSilver DropBeautiful silver/gray foliage plantyes
EvolvulusBlue My MindDeep sky-blue flowers
This plant loves it hot!
FuchsiaLenaCreamy pink sepal surround a violet bloomyesyesYes
Fuschia White, Purple, Lavendar
in hanging baskets
Great for shady areasyesyes
FuschiaShadow Dancer BettyUpright, compact red and white flowersyesyes
FuschiaShadow Dancer RosellaUpright, compact, soft pink and white blooms yesyes
FuschiaShadow Dancer VioletteUpright, compact soft pink and violet flowersyesyes
FuschiaGartenmeisterTall plant for shady areas, adds old fashioned charm to the gardenyesyes
GauraPetite PinkButterfly shaped blooms, profuse bloomeryes
GazaniaRigens Giant Deep Orange & Violet BicolorBig, vivid color
Heat tolerant
GeraniumCalliope Dark RedUpright with semi-trailing habityes
GeraniumCalliope Lavender SplashUpright with semi-trailing habityesyes
GeraniumMaestro Idols Deep Red Uprightyes
GeraniumMaestro Idols Neon VioletUprightyes
GeraniumRocky Mountain Dark RedUprightyes
GeraniumRocky Mountain Light PinkUprightyes
GeraniumRocky Mountain OrangeUprightyes
GeraniumRocky Mountain WhiteUprightyes
GeraniumSavannah PunchUprightyes
GeraniumSurvivor BlueUprightyes
GeraniumSurvivor CoralUprightyes
GeraniumSurvivor Dark RedUprightyes
GeraniumSurvivor Salmon SensationUprightyes
Geranium, IvyContessa and Freestyle varieties in baskets; Red, Burgundy, Lavendar,Makes a hardy hanging basketyes
Gerbera DaisyBengal, Revolution, & Royal varietiesGreat cut flower! Mix of colors- Red, Yellow, Orange, Pinkyesyes
Gerbera Daisy Strawberry TwistYellow and pink blooms and strong stems make these winners.yesyes
Gomphrena Forest Red Proven WinnerBright red, blooms through fall, loves heat!yes
GomphrenaFireworksVibrant purple flowers, heat and drought tolerantyes
Gomphrena Truffula Pink Proven WinnerHot Pink Flowers,
Ht 22-28 inches
HelichrysmTraditionalAccent plant
HelichrysmLimeLime colored accent plant
HerbsCilantroGreat for Salsa!yes
HerbsChivesGrow your own herbs!yes
HerbsMint Peppermint MojitoMany uses; in drinks or make a sauce for meatsyes
HerbsOregano Regular and GreekGrow your own herbs!yes
HerbsParsley Curly and PlainEasy to growyes
HerbsSweet BasilGood for all Italian recipesyes
HerbsRosemaryPotatoes, Lamb & Chicken
HerbsSage Regular and PurplePut on Pork roasts or loins
HerbsThyme EnglishPlant herbs in full to part sun
HypoestesSelect Hippo Pink, Rose WhitePolka dot plant, part shade plantyes
ImpatienMagnum Clear WhiteNew Guinea Very large bloomsyesyes
ImpatienMagnum Lavendar SplashNew Guineayesyes
ImpatienMagnum Red FlameNew Guinea Very large bloomsyesyes
ImpatienMagnum Wild SalmonNew Guinea Vigorous plantyesyes
ImpatienWild Romance Blush PinkStunning blush pinkyesyes
ImpatienMusica Elegant RedDouble Impatien 8-12" tallyesyes
ImpatienMusica Pink AromaDouble Impatienyesyes
IsotomaFizz n Pop variety
Glowing Violet and Pretty in Pink
Lovely shade of lavender, and bold pink with cheery yellow eyed. Star shaped flowers. Heat tolerantyesyes
Ivy VineYellow RippleGreen with yellow/cream edging. Easy care, trailing vine
Ivy VineGerman GreenLarge, dark green foliage, great in baskets
Ivy VineIvy Wax Leaf VariegatedSucculent- like glossy foliage plant
LamiumRed Nancy & White NancyPerennial that works well in patio pots in deep shade or shade
LantanaBandana Cherry Heat and drought tolerantyesyes
LantanaHavana Series --Cherry, Gold, Moon, Pink Sky, SunsetHummingbird favoriteyesyesyes
LantanaSamanthaYellow-green variegated leaves with yellow clusters of flowers
LavenderLavandula Sweet Romance Proven WinnerSilvery green foliage and beautiful purple flowers.

LobeliaLaguna Dark BlueProven Winner yes
LobeliaLaguna Sky BlueProven Winneryes
LobeliaRiviera Sky BlueBlue like the sky!yes
LobeliaRiviera Midnight BlueCompact, ball shaped habityes
LobeliaRiviera WhiteCompact, prefers morning sunyes
LophospermumLofos Compact RoseGorgeous wine red trumpet shaped bloomsyes
LophospermumLofos Compact WhiteTrumpet flowersyes
LophospermumWine RedRed trumpet shaped blooms, Vining habityes
LysimachiaGoldilocksChains of trailing, bright yellow round foliage
LysimachiaWalkabout Waikiki SunsetYellow-green foliage with yellow flowers
MarigoldAmerican Vanilla 3 inch blooms on sturdy plants 12" ht
Cream color
MarigoldFrench Anemone Safari Series -Mix, Yellow, Yellow Fire and Red Great garden performer! yes
MarigoldBonanza Orange and Bonanza Mix Large flowers, uniformity and superior performanceyes
MecardoniaGold DustCountless, petite yellow blooms, easy plant
Melampodium DerbySunny yellow daisy like flowers. Rugged plants native to tropical regions. Ht 6-12 inches
nonstop bloomer
yes yesyes
MuehlenbeckiaWire VineTwining mat of glossy tiny green rounded leaves on wiry stems
NemesiaBlue BirdPetite blue flower petals w/yellow ctr.yes
NemesiaOpal InnocenceShades of rosy-pink, ivory and lavender. Very pretty with strong scentyes
Oregano Ornamental Kirigamilarge purple-green bracts, rose flowers and clear, light green foliage, with a delicious fragrance to attract pollinatorsyesyesYes
Ornamental GrassBaby Tut & King TutCypress Umbrella grass, grows in sun or shade or wet areas
Ornamental GrassPurple Fountain Grass3-4' tall Great for large pots, Purple hue
Ornamental GrassJuncus TwisterResembles giant corkscrews, deer resistant, can be used in wet areas.
Ornamental GrassJuncus Twisted ArrowsA mix of straight Blue Arrows and curly blue-green Spiralis Juncus
OsteospermumSunburst 4DFully double center which keeps the bloom open, yellow petals with darker centeryesyes
OxalisCharmed WineFull to part sun, wine purple foliage with white flowers
PansyCollossus Formula MixBig 4inch Blooms!!yesyes
PansyDelta Premium Pure Golden YellowSunny yellowyesyes
PansyDelta Pure WhiteLarge flowers, great garden performanceyesyes
PansyDelta Premium True BluePurple blotchyesyes
PansyDelta Pure Colors Mix7 color mix yesyes
PansyDelta Violet & WhiteA standard yesyes
PansyFrizzle Sizzle Formula Mix7 color ruffled pansyyesyes
PansyMajestic Mix 5 ormore colors make this a perfect spring pansy. Extra Large flowersyesyes
PentaButterfly Red
Proven Winner
Ht 18 inches Heat loving with BIG blossoms yesyesYes
Penstemon Phoenix Pink &
Phoenix Violet
Large, beautiful, tubular flowers, Performs best in full sun in any combination planter Ht to 24 inchesyesyes
PepperSweet Banana, & Snackabelle Redsweet peppers
PepperGolden California Wonder, California Wonder, Red KnighColored bell peppers
PepperPoblano, Hot Banana, Jalapeno, Serrano, long slim Cayenne, HabaneroHot peppers
PerillaPerilla TricolorBurgundy foliage w/ bright pink and green ctr
PetuniaHeartbeat SurfiniaHeart patternyesyes
PetuniaPW Supertunia BordeauxPink flowers w/ deep plum-burgundy veinsyesyes
PetuniaPW Supertunia Honeyyesyes
PetuniaPW Supertunia Lovie Dovieyesyes
PetuniaPW Supertunia Royal Magentayesyes
PetuniaPW Supertunia Vista Paradiseyesyes
PetuniaCarpet MixMix of coloryesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDouble Cascade PinkDouble bloomsyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams Midnightyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDream Mix yesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams Redyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams Sky Blueyesyes
Petunia/GrandifloraDreams Whiteyesyes
Petunia/SpreadingEasy Wave Blueyesyes
Petunia/SpreadingEasy Wave Pink PassionLovely pink with reddish veiningyesyes
Petunia/SpreadingEasy Wave RedMounding and spreading habityesyes
Petunia/SpreadingEasy Wave SilverIcy white-blue blooms and a mounding, full habit.yesyes
Petunia/SpreadingEasy VioletRuffled, violet purpleyesyes
Petunia/PotuniaBlueberry MuffinWhite with lilac linesyesyes
Petunia/VegetativeAmore JoyPurple with white striping, Purple areas form a heart shapeyesyesYes
Petunia/VegetativeCrazytunia Red BluesRich red with dark bluish centeryesyesYes
Petunia/VegetativeSweetunia Coral FlashCoral with red veiningyesyes
Petunia/VegetativeSweetunia Fiona FlashFiery tones in red and pink with a semi-upright habityesyesYes
Petunia/VegetativeSweetunia Black SatinGorgeous, rich, black velvet coloryesyes
Petunia/VegetativeSweetunia Hot Rod RedBright red spreading 18" yesyes
PhloxIntensia Blueberry & Red Hot
Proven Winners
Gorgeous color, heat tolerant, mildew tolerant, Ht 10-16 inchesyes yes
PlectranthusCervasa N LimeFuzzy, delicately scalloped leaves, with a refreshing lime-like fragrance when touchedYes
PortulacaColorblast Double GuavaYellow petals with bright pink center. yesYes
PortulacaColorblast Orange Semi trailing and drought tolerantyesYes
PortulacaColorblast Double ScarletLarge, double flowers that do not close in cloudy weather.yesYes
RudbeckiaDenver Daisy3-4" rich cherry blooms on sturdy stemsyesyes
RuelliaPurple ShowersTubular, blue/purple, petunia-like flowers.Tallyesyes
SalviaCathedral PurpleRich color with abundant bloomsyesyes
SalviaGuarantica Black & BlueFrom Brazil,electric blue blooms w/blk stemsyesyes
SalviaHotlipsTwo toned, white and brilliant red flowers. Ht 24 inchesyesyes
SalviaMojaveTrue red, new spikes cover the old giving an intense and prolonged displayyesyes
SalviaRockin Fuchsia
Proven Winner
Fuchsia flowers each with a black calyx on tough plantsyesyesYes
Salvia Skyscraper PurpleDark stems with tall, dark purple flower spikes. VigorousyesyesYes
SalviaVibe Ignition Fuchsiaheat and drought tolerant, 18-22 inches tall with vibrant purple flowers yesyesYes
SalviaVibe Ignition White Best pure white salvia to date! 2019 favoriteyesyesYes
SalviaVictoria BlueBlooms all summer, easy to grow, true blueyesyes
SalviaVista PurpleIntense purple, 10-12" tall yesyes
SalviaVista RedShowy spikes of red all summeryesyes
SalviaVelocity BlueTrue blue flowers on long stems, plant has a dense habityesyes
ScaveolaBlueFan shaped flower, heat lovingyes
SedumLemon CoralSucculent, needle-shaped leaves
SetcreaseaPurple HeartTropical heat loving, vining plant
SnapdragonRocket Mix Mix includes rose shades, cherry, pink, orchid, red, golden, lemon, and whiteyesyes
SnapdragonLiberty Classic MixShades of Pink, Red, White, Yellow and Orangeyesyes
SnapdragonLiberty Classic YellowStandard height 20"
SpikesTraditionalAccent plant
StrawberryEverbearing Fragoo PinkEasy to grow and deliciousyesyes
StrobilanthesPersian ShieldBest in part shade to shade for best color
SucculentsAssortedEasy to grow, they love heat!
SucculentsCombo Pots10" decorative pot assorted succulents
SunpatiensCompact Orchid, Pink Candy, Purple, Red, PinkSpreading, Sun or Shade- Excellent Performeryesyes
SunpatiensSunstanding Orange Aurora Spreading, Sun or Shade- Outstanding yesyesyes
Sunpatiens Sunstanding Magenta BorealisUnique coloryesyesyes
Sweet Potato VineBlackieSpreads 3-5 feet, stunning dark purple-almost black
Sweet Potato VineBright Ideas LimeCompact habit, chartreuse,fan shape
Sweet Potato VineMargueriteVigorous habit, chartreuse color
Tahitian Bridal VeilBridal VeilMorning sun, trailing habit, can be a house plant, lots of very small flowers
TalinumLimon Lime green foliage Tiny flowers on tall wispy stems,easy to grow
ThunbergiaLemon, Arizona Rose Sensation,
Tangerine Slice-a-peel,
Sunny Susy Red Orange, Sunny Susy Brownie
Black Eyed Susan Vine--annualyesyes
TomatoBetter Boy, Big Beef, Bush Early Girl, Celebrity, Lemon BoyGreat performers
TomatoRoma, Large Cherry, Sunsugar, Supersweet 100, GrapeSmall varieties but so flavorful
TomatoBrandywine Red,
Mortgage Lifter and Cherokee Purple
Heirloom varieties Excellent Flavor
ToreniaPurple MoonBright purple flowers, trailing habit, Shadeyes
VerbenaEmpress VarietiesSemi upright habit 4″ tall -spread to 12″ wide.yesyes
Verbena Hurricane Varieties Semi trailing, eye catchingyesyes
VerbenaEstrella Varieties
Semi trailing, extremely large flowersyesyes
VerbenaLanai Varieties
Sunlover, semi-trailing habityesyes
VerbenaSuperbena Varieties
Proven Winners
Semi trailing, Vigorous, bright and colorful yesyes
Vinca VineExpofloraVining habit, accent plant
Vinca VineMaculataVining habit, accent plant
Zebrina Wandering Jew
ZinniaProfusion Double Hot CherryDouble petalled blooms, AAS winner yesyes
ZinniaProfusion Double Fire2 inch blooms- Highly prolific bloomeryesyes
ZinniaMagellan MixDouble Daisy-like blooms on Mounded/upright habit; yesyes